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Kit Upgrade "Extreme Heavy Duty" - Red


Traxxas 9080R Kit Upgrade "Extreme Heavy Duty" - Red

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Product code: TXX9080R
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Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit

The Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit transforms your already-tough Hoss® 4X4, Rustler® 4X4, or Slash® 4X4 into the ultimate bashing machine. Engineered for extreme brushless power systems, the kit includes a full complement of driveline and suspension parts designed to work together as a complete package. Whether you're sending it at the skate park or preparing for a speed run, the Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit is battle-hardened to withstand brutal punishment and come back for more.

Compatible with Hoss 4X4, Slash 4X4 and Rustler 4X4

Extreme Upgrade Kit Features:

  • Available in five different color options
  • Maxx®Duty driveshafts with 6mm stub axles
  • Heavy-duty caster blocks, steering blocks, hub carriers, and shock towers
  • Made from our toughest cold-weather composite material
  • Steel wheel hexes
  • Oversized sealed bearings
  • Installation hardware included
  • Fully compatible with HD suspension arms
  • May not work with sway bars or other accessories

Easy to Install

This all-inclusive package comes with everything needed to transform your truck. Designed to work as a complete package, everything fits together with perfect precision. This kit includes all replacement hardware and works with either standard or HD suspension arms.

Maxx®Duty Driveshafts

Huge-diameter driveshafts with heavy-duty U-joints are built to handle the Velineon® 540XL brushless motor's extreme torque with ease. Large 6 mm axles key into the included steel wheel hexes for unmatched strength and durability.

Heavy-Duty Caster & Steering Blocks

Made from our toughest composite material, the heavy-duty caster and steering blocks are beefed up with extra material for even more strength. Built to take a pounding, these highly upgraded parts outfit your Hoss, Rustler 4X4, or Slash 4X4 for your wildest adventures.

Heavy-Duty Axle Carriers

Heavy-duty axle carriers are made from the same compound as the caster and steering blocks with more material where it's needed most. In addition to their overbuilt construction, both the steering blocks and axle carriers feature larger bearings for ultimate durability and precision.

Heavy-Duty Shock Towers

New heavy-duty shock towers and body mounts are also made from our toughest composite material. These new shock towers readjust the roll center to accommodate the larger Maxx Duty driveshafts.


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